Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Contoh Kalimat Present Perfect Tense

1. I have finished my work.
I haven't finished my homework.
Have I finished my homework?

2. She has eaten lunch.
She has not eaten lunch.
Has she eaten lunch?

3. You have seen that movie.
You haven't seen that movie
Have you seen that movie?

4. She has been sick for two days.
She hasn't been sick for two days
has she been sick for two days??

5.They have been busy for one day.
They have not been busy for one day.
Have they been busy for one day?

6. You have been here for two hours
You haven't been here for two hours
Have you been here for two hours?

7. I have watched that movie 3 times.
I haven't watched that movie 3 times.
Have I watched that movie 3 times??

8. You have read the book yet.
you haven't read the book yet.
Have you read the book yet?

9.The rain has stopped.
The rain hasn’t stopped.
has the rain stopped?

10.They have arrived.
They haven’t arrived.
have they arrived?

11.I have finish my homework yet.
I haven’t finished my homework yet.
Have I finish my homework yet?

12.I have been to Ancol before.
I haven't been to Ancol before
Have I been to An col before?

13.We have eaten or lunch already.
We have eaten or lunch already
Have we eaten or lunch already?

14.She has just spoken to them.
she hasn't just spoken to them.
has she just spoken to them?

15. She has met your mother.
she hasn't met your mother.
has she met your mother?

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